One day in the Middle ages
On Sunday, June the 27th, on occasion to the gathering of barbers, practitioners and Medici , a medieval market will take place on terrace of the CCH. Be enchanted by the atmosphere and dive into the world of the Middle ages.

As a proper market, there will be a lot of tradesmen, who offer their goods and handcrafts. Almost forgotten guilds will be shown and let you take part in the old knowledge and skill of former days.

A felt-maker, a coin-maker, a tin-founder, a broom-maker, a basket-maker and others will show their talents. As a special attraction, there will be a veterinary practitioner, who will familiarize you with the customary procedure of medical art.
Itinerant entertainers, jugglers and artists will entertain you For your physical health will be taken care of, on several market stalls you will be spoilt with good and solid meals as well as with home made cakes.
Traditionally a market is not only a place where you can exchange goods, but it´s a welcome opportunity to hear news, a friendly get-together with new and old friends and the possibility to make new acquaintances.

Take the chance!